Bismarck Superstructure 1.1.1

Ready to print, multiple part, little support needed.

  1. darkapollo
    My rework of the Tirpitz Superstructure created by Greg McFadden

    Decks have been added to the tower.
    The structure has been hollowed (most wall sections are 6mm thick) and cut up to make it printable on an Ender3 or any 200x200 bed size printer.
    This was designed to use minimal supports. The largest single section is the funnel and forward hangers which will need support.

    Wood top deck layers are optional and are less than 1mm thick and have no structural impact.

    Locating pin holes (7/16" rod) have been added to make sections removable and aid with assembly.
    1/4" square dowel needed to properly assemble and locate the tower sections.
    Bosses for the two masts have been added.

    Parts that require multiples are marked as x2 or x3 indicating the number of copies needed.

Recent Updates

  1. Added missing file
  2. Update to Fore L1

Recent Reviews

  1. Xanthar
    Version: 2021-01-20
    Nicely done. I'm liking the additional detail on the funnel.
    Printing that now
    1. darkapollo
      Author's Response
      Awesome! Let me know if anything needs improved.