Emile Bertin Turrets 1.0

3D printable turrets for the cruiser Emile Bertin

  1. Beaver
    Included are three types of turrets - director, regular, and dummy turrets.
    The dummy turrets just have slight recesses into the face of the turret for easier mounting of fake barrels.
    Emile Bertin Turrets v3.png
    This shows the difference between the regular and director turrets as well as what the dummy turrets look like with no holes through the face.
    Printing recommendations: Print with bottom down orientation. 0.25mm layer height or finer will work. The finer the layers the nicer the top slope will look without acetone. Support is not recommended as the top should bridge well.
    Enjoy, and if you print one let me know how it turns out.
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