Prop customizer V4

For creating custom 3d printed props

  1. darkapollo
    Sharing my simple Fusion360 prop customizer. Creating curved blade props can be a bit tricky. This f3d file will allow you to create simple curved blade props by only changing predefined parameters. The blades are 1.2mm thick which should print well at .2 layers and be solid enough for abuse.
    These were designed to fit 4mm dog driven prop shafts that are found on Amazon however it would be easy enough to modify for most imperial unit shafts between 1/8 and 1/4"

    Some of the things that can be easily changed include:
    Blade thickness
    Adjust the pitch by changing the inside and/or outside height
    Change the number of blades
    Change the prop diameter
    Change the leading and trailing edge filets

    There are some issues where changing the pitches will lose one or both of the edge filets. It is just something that will need to be manually added or adjusted on the actual part and not in the functions.

    I have included the defaults as comments just in case things get out of hand and you want to return to a known good set up.

    You will need to do the pitch measurements (.75*outside dia / height) manually if you were interested in it.

    Some examples of changing the values: