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  1. Selley
    wow two vanguards how can you tell them apart?
  2. Selley
    Looking nice
  3. wfirebaugh
    I was looking at side profile charts for United States and Japanese ships, i didnt think to look at a British chart.
  4. Selley
    The ship is a country class cruiser Hms Dorsetshire, and is a ship of the Kent class, and played a roll in sinking the Bismarck, and sunk on 5 April 1942 with Hms Cornwall . I started construction...
  5. wfirebaugh
    I would gess some kind of destroyer or cruser pre 1920?
  6. Anvil_x
    what is it?
  7. wfirebaugh
    That is going to be a lovley ship when it is finished, good work
  8. wfirebaugh
    Dose this sub have to bump in to another ship to fire? I thought running in to a nother ship was illegal rule wise.
  9. Nibbles1
    Very nice, the little people are cool too Before this I built 1/700 and 1/350 scale ship models This brings back nostalgia :D
  10. Nibbles1