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Recent Comments

  1. wfirebaugh
    Pure Awesomeness:) nice work.
  2. Nibbles1
    Ships make such good showerheads
  3. Nibbles1
    Cimarron is a bit low in the water... did she sink?
  4. Nibbles1
    Sister ships save sister ships
  5. Nibbles1
    I think thats Kreuzer P Please tell me if my spotting is bad
  6. wfirebaugh
    How do most ships land on the bottom, Sitting up right, laying on there sides in most cases percentage wise?
  7. CURT
    Oh Lol Ibdidn't see that . The box Montana came in though was a large as a Christmas tree box !
  8. wfirebaugh
    @CURT that is very. nifty, cool, I will have a look at that :)
  9. Nibbles1
    There is a box of Christmas tree decoration behind them
  10. CURT
    What do you mean ?