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Warships in combat and/or sinking! Photos only please. Use the Video albums for videos.


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  1. Jeff Groseth
    Just joined an d have two RC subs. Bow planes are too high. If you plan on just dynamic diving; dive by forward motion, then you are balasted too lightly, get some lead. Then you add foam to...
  2. Panzer
    Merely a Flesh wound! Badeough after Battle of Kentish Knock !
  3. WillCover
    PROP now MIA:crying:
  4. WillCover
    Battered Baden syndrome
  5. WillCover
  6. WillCover
    Funny...some of those holes look like the bow of my Derf! hun...:whistling:
  7. Panzer
    Its just a scratch, Ive had worse! Badenough @ battle of Kentish Knock 1 Oct 2017
  8. Panzer
    Now you gotta admit that's a good looking Rear end!
  9. Panzer
    Right, Ill do you for that! Badenough @ Battle of Kentish Knock 1 Oct 2017
  10. Panzer
    My gremlin was less than thrilled over the damage done to his new home, However he was much happier with the performance of all the systems this w/e. I promised him extra time playing with it...