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Warships in combat and/or sinking! Photos only please. Use the Video albums for videos.


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  1. Evan Fowler
    Here goes
  2. RcShip556
    Is it for sale?
  3. wfirebaugh
    Pretty ship
  4. Panzer
    @NickMyers Yea, I got this from Justin.:)
  5. NASAAN101
    @Beaver i talking about the swimming kind :D not the one that goes boom Nikki
  6. NickMyers
    @Panzer did you buy Justins ( it was Gregs)?
  7. Panzer
    This looks similar to something in my Garage???? I wonder......
  8. djranier
    I'm actually not totally happy with it, after I finished I wish I had laid out the battery box differently, may still do that later in the year, too late for now, and in the bottom of the picture...
  9. Panzer
    Um, Plz don't look inside my boat, this is embarrassing:confused::confused::confused: Love what you have done, hope to see it at Nats to take notes:)
  10. CURT
    Thanks. I have a very large prop and fitting that one is no problem.