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Warships in combat and/or sinking! Photos only please. Use the Video albums for videos.


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  1. Brett V
    Would have fooled me just glancing at it lol
  2. Panzer
    GLAS Members:D( L to R) Will, Craig, Kas, Chris, Kenny, Mark.
  3. Panzer
    Mark Roe helping Craig Tweek his Guns on the VDT GLAS Teamwork!
  4. Kotori87
    @Brett V The carrier was a wooden scratch-built hull. You can find a number of build threads for similar projects in the forums. The LST was a fiberglass hull, from Swampworks I think (now...
  5. Kotori87
    @Brett V Actually it was the other way around. The unusual muzzle blast from the battleship's cannons was due to uncontrolled flooding, and it sank several minutes thereafter. The cruiser, on...
  6. Brett V
    This is a perfect action shot! I bet the smaller ship went down soon after!
  7. Brett V
    How did you make this and the carrier? What hull kits did you use?
  8. Brett V
    Wow. These look fantastic...I can only imagine the time and $ that went into those.
  9. Panzer
    Nats 2017 , start of Tuesday Am Battle
  10. irnuke
    @Captain obvious Only can of nitrate dope the hobby shop had. The product is traditionally used on wood & fabric planes (both full-sized and models), but we use it to adhere the silkspan material...