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Warships in combat and/or sinking! Photos only please. Use the Video albums for videos.


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  1. Anvil_x
    feel up to doing a stem to stern on that sucker? I'd like to see the guts on that little fellow.
  2. WillCover
    @AdmiralBangerBang language Mr. :)
  3. WillCover
    Thank you
  4. AdmiralBangerBang
    Nice Photo!
  5. AdmiralBangerBang
  6. WillCover
    USS Pennsylvania
  7. AdmiralBangerBang
    What ship is she?
  8. AdmiralBangerBang
    SoDak NC Squish!
  9. AdmiralBangerBang
  10. CURT
    @AdmiralBangerBang my Arizona kit from Strike is now shipped out . Looking forward to building that and then the British line will begin .