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Warships in combat and/or sinking! Photos only please. Use the Video albums for videos.


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  1. wfirebaugh
    Reminds me of my home area
  2. wfirebaugh
    That looks like a pond in west texas i know, but allot of them look the same from that view lol.
  3. CURT
    @wfirebaugh Yes thats what I like about the class. A lot of interesting design features are visual .
  4. wfirebaugh
    Iv been studying that hull design for a while, the buldge to the aft port side is really unmistakable.
  5. CURT
    Yes it is.
  6. wfirebaugh
    Is that a Nagato Hull 5 one from the left?
  7. CURT
    @wfirebaugh I reduced it by 3 recently but I have a Richilieu hull on order.
  8. wfirebaugh
    That is a large fleet and it seems growing.
  9. wfirebaugh
    Lovely montana battleship! Nice go at it.
  10. Selley
    Almost like it has it back turned saying "I am not impressed!"