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Warships in combat and/or sinking! Photos only please. Use the Video albums for videos.


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  1. Panzer
    Hey Beav...... Next time you are teaching your Baby to shave try using a dull razor...:confused: Good looking boat, hope you faired well at Hagarstown.
  2. Mad_Modeller
    If you didn't know better you would think it was taken from its own recon Kingfisher. Nicely done.
  3. Mad_Modeller
    @CURT Wonderful ships sir. Hope today see's you in good health. Question sir do you have any photo's or a build thread for the Graf Spree.
  4. Mad_Modeller
    I must agree with the others sir. Wonderful work especially since some or most are battlers. I hope to do as much on my Graf Spee.
  5. wfirebaugh
    Iv been wanting one for a while
  6. CURT
    Gorgeous ship !!
  7. CURT
    That is awesome Beaver !!
  8. Beaver
    @WillCover It's Measure HolyPatch Mk3 It's so Holy it's even blessed by the Pope! ;)
  9. WillCover
    thats a strange camouflage scheme
  10. Anvil_x
    I really like how clean the super's lines are. An elegant minimalist work.