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  1. NASAAN101
    wonder if that would work in a light cruiser :D
  2. CURT
    I have to update this pic this summer.
  3. Brian Furlotte
    Awesome shot! Who made the hull? That thing looks awesome.
  4. djranier
    Look on page 2 of the Missouri build, all the parts are listed.
  5. Captain obvious
    What belt did you use and where did you find the rudder pulley?
  6. CURT
    OOHHH a pretty and shiny cool rudder setup. I like this.
  7. CURT
    @Beaver I have ordered the 24 in searchlights and the 36 in searchlights. They will be shipped with my planes order. This will help me avoid building them from scratch in the cold shed and save...
  8. Rob3869
    great shot, but you Aussies should know to raise your guns even when you are going down, never surrender!
  9. CURT
    @Rob3869 it had a date with the South Carolina and both enjoyed a glass of Cold Duck Wine.
  10. CURT
    @Rob3869 My back and Yamato have a symbiotic relationship.