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  1. Benicio Lopez
  2. Benicio Lopez
  3. Benicio Lopez
    good job!
  4. Terry Keef
    I can recognize that silhouette anywhere. A nice pocket battleship.
  5. CURT
    @Beaver yep. Hood is finished . My old Missouri completely rebuilt . Tirpitz currently under construction. Rodney 2024 and Viribus Unitis, Dunkerque and Arizona .
  6. CURT
    I like that !
  7. Beaver
    Graf Spee, PoW, Rodney, and Hood?
  8. Beaver
    @WillCover very cool. Would be fun to scoop up a sinking convoy ship with it.
  9. WillCover
    a "pontoon", my best guess at the hull lines
  10. CURT
    That looks great !