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  1. Nibbles1
    @Selley The axis are better In my opinion
  2. Selley
    With the hiei being the flagship of the axis
  3. Selley
    Oh and also all the electronics work she is fully ready for her first trial, no cannons yet but just a few more steps she will be the flag ship of my Allied Fleet
  4. Nibbles1
    It's like those gang fighting movies that take place in the 20s with ships
  5. Selley
    It has plenty I just added the battery’s and motors to the port side of the hull to make her list
  6. Nibbles1
    [MEDIA] View: Those are great Jeff recommended them to me
  7. Nibbles1
    Definitely needs ballast
  8. ZARUBA1987
    @CURT good to know. I’m about to pick up a Littorio one of Greg McFadden kits. Just wanted to know what I could expect from her. I’m hopping to find some one to 3D print the SS for me later on....
  9. CURT
    @ZARUBA1987 this particular model never saw battle .It's armed with two side mounts a 50 mag and a 75 mag and then the stern has triple 50 mag cannons and a single large pump . The model handles...
  10. CURT
    @Nibbles1 Yes it is .