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Videos of glorious combat and carnage! Only the best of course!


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  1. Nibbles1
    I Need to do that lol
  2. Selley
    you need to code a remote so all of them are controlled
  3. Selley
    The King George v in front
  4. Selley
    Please let me know if you want me to post more pics of these tov ships
  5. Selley
    Big gun (planed)
  6. greechronicles
    is this big gun or fast gun
  7. Selley
    Selleys Dorset above and indies2002 non combat tramp steamer below and small tug above, all celebrating X-mas
  8. Julian Barbera
    Bet you could shoot a stop-motion film in there, very cinematic.
  9. Selley
    Looks liket the french carrier bearn
  10. Selley
    another win for the axis :-D