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  1. Anvil_x
    that's outstanding. thanks
  2. GregMcFadden
    teak veneer sheet. a skosh under 1/32" thick. cut with an exacto knife. make sure to get straight grain teak.
  3. NickMyers
    @GregMcFadden might remember the answers
  4. Anvil_x
    where did you get teak that thin? How thin was it? are you cutting it with those scissors!? that looks absolutely fantastic!
  5. Jeff Groseth
    Just joined an d have two RC subs. Bow planes are too high. If you plan on just dynamic diving; dive by forward motion, then you are balasted too lightly, get some lead. Then you add foam to...
  6. Panzer
    Merely a Flesh wound! Badeough after Battle of Kentish Knock !
  7. WillCover
    PROP now MIA:crying:
  8. WillCover
    Battered Baden syndrome
  9. WillCover
  10. WillCover
    Funny...some of those holes look like the bow of my Derf! hun...:whistling: