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  1. Volkswagen50
    I love the flattop!
  2. thegeek
    @Rob3869 Musashi and New Jersey.
  3. Panzer
    SMS Badenuff
  4. Panzer
  5. CURT
  6. Bob Pottle
    @Anvil_x The conning tower and hangar were separate fiberglass castings that were glassed together. I sold the set of hull and superstructure molds to Strike Models around 2014, kept one for...
  7. djranier
    Bob and Ron's NC's trying to sink my Kumano. They had no luck sinking the luckiest ship in the Japanese navy.
  8. Evan Fowler
    Here goes
  9. RcShip556
    Is it for sale?
  10. wfirebaugh
    Pretty ship