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Videos of glorious combat and carnage! Only the best of course!


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  1. NickMyers
  2. CURT
    @NickMyers No not mine .
  3. NickMyers
    @CURT was this yours?
  4. tgalx3
    Who’s Bismarck is that?
  5. Nibbles1
    "best Allied ship" "seen the most action" "Extremely tough to put down" That's Warspite alright!
  6. Nibbles1
    Kido Butai December 6th 1941, colorized 2020.
  7. Anvil_x
    Took over 500 hits this weekend and *nobody* hit the completely unprotected foam insulation conning tower! travesty!
  8. Anvil_x
    Planning on fiberglassing that here when you're done?
  9. bsgkid117
  10. CURT
    Beautiful models !