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28 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015
22 Dec 2014


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  1. djranier
    I'm actually not totally happy with it, after I finished I wish I had laid out the battery box differently, may still do that later in the year, too late for now, and in the bottom of the picture...
  2. Panzer
    Um, Plz don't look inside my boat, this is embarrassing:confused::confused::confused: Love what you have done, hope to see it at Nats to take notes:)
  3. CURT
    Thanks. I have a very large prop and fitting that one is no problem.
  4. CURT
    Oh my. Very neat and tidy.
  5. djranier
    If you leave off the gold plating, a set of 3 cost $90 + shipping, with gold plating $100. But will a 2.4 inch fit your boat, we also have a 2.25 in that works fine, Charlie has one on his Bis, I...
  6. CURT
    @djranier Excellent . I hope you can get video of it in action. Be great to see it in motion battling with this setup.
  7. CURT
    @djranier How much are they . I be interested in trying out a set on my Bismarck .
  8. djranier
    They are, work great. Charlie and I worked on the Cad drawings, and they are printed Stainless Steel, and Bronze. 60/40, gold plated for looks. They will never break, could hardly drill out the...
  9. djranier
    Its only 6.5 units, the forward gun is only 25 bb, 1/2 unit. Which is allowed under the new rule that passed last year. Charlie made the deck for our new Bis at BC, so we do sell it. It has 9...
  10. CURT
    I forgot to mention I love that fiberglass deck. I am planning to get that deck for my TIRPITZ .