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28 Jun 2015


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  1. Mad_Modeller
    Oops KGV
  2. Mad_Modeller
    very nice KGIV
  3. CURT
    @Nibbles1 I have a English style phone booth.
  4. Nibbles1
    Wow Curt I didn't know you could time travel!
  5. wfirebaugh
    @bsgkid117 viva La France! :D
  6. bsgkid117
    @wfirebaugh from farthest to closest, Jean Bart (myself) France (@Beaver ) Courbet (@Nomercy )
  7. wfirebaugh
    What is a lop sided fight, Yamato vs a what looks like a New York class BB
  8. wfirebaugh
    What ship is that?
  9. CURT
    @Anvil_x I think we were trialing the South Carolina .
  10. Anvil_x
    Oh. right. were you guys just screwing around, or did you take the glam-gear off after this shot and throw down?