USS Missouri 2014 . Still awaiting the BB cannons

CURT, Dec 22, 2014
    • CURT
      USS Missouri. 2003. This will be my heavy hitter for a International Nats event. The model is surprisingly tight turning and maneuvering . I really enjoy operating this long beast. It has not been detailed as heavily as I normally would but other projects demanded my attention aka North Carolina. I plan to arm this beast and finish the detailing. I need to replace the catupults and planes. Finish installing the co2 combat systems inside. I may replace the gears with the Traaxis gear system instead and use an ESC. This was my first attempt at building full skegs and though not accuratley perfect they are extremely strong and solid.
    • Scharnhorst56
      Goodness! That is amazing! You make the best ships I have ever seen!!!:woot::woot::woot:
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    • CURT
      Thanks Scharnhorst56.
    • Rob3869
      Hi, are you still building your own R/C Battleships? If so, I would really like to pick your brain. If not, can you provide me with the contact information of someone who is? My son and I are interested in commissioning someone to build a R/C ship for us. We look forward to your response and thank you for your time. Regards, Rob cell: 717-728-6125, email:
    • CURT

      Hi Rob I still my fleet though I haven't battled since 2010. I been struggling to get my Uss Montana completed. Problem is no time to get at it . I have so many unfinished ship projects that I doubt very much I will be doing any commission builds for a long time.
    • Rob3869
      Hi Curt, If you ever decide to put one of your beautiful ships up for sale, please let me know. I showed my son your pics and we are both so impressed. Do you have any you tube videos of your ships out on the water or possibly firing? Rob
    • CURT
      Yes there are videos on my YouTube channel and I believe I have them posted in my album on the forum. To see my Bismarck at Nats 2010 TYPE in the search engine GO PRO Bismarck Nats and you will see several numbered from 1 to 12. A Go Pro captured the action on board but elevated so that you can see the broadside and sniping action. Other vids of the ships are there as well . My channel is 16FEET
    • Rob3869
      Hi, my son and I enjoyed watching the videos it was pretty cool. Let me know if you are ever interested in parting with any of your lovely ladies. Man, your work is awesome. God bless, Rob and son
    • CURT
      @Rob3869 I have been considering that mainly due to my health which I have torn muscles in my right shoulder and left shoulder and a knee injury on my left leg since early October. I also need to make room if I want to purchase and build the Arizona kit from Strikemodels. Looking at what I have now if I had all those ships completed I think I may not have enough space to store them so I may end up clearing out my hulls. Some of them are very rough started while others just have the hull panels removed for balsa sheeting and others are untouched. Some have superstructure parts and all have plans . I may sell several in one package. Others need major clean up. I have a Konig that the superstructure was being built by my friend. There is a lot of excessive putty and it needs to be cleaned up . My Von Der tan needs major work . The framework is cutout and the shafts are in place. The decking needs work. My French Battlecruiser Dunkerque is a hull with turrets and plans. I will keep my Graf Spee and Nagato and my Tirpitz. I may sell my KGV hull but will keep my Rodney hull. I might sell my Missouri as my buddy has a New Jersey and he has fallen into economic hard times. That hull is a Ralph Coles hull formerly owned by my other buddy so I may offer to purchase that one from him and sell my own Missouri. So I have options.
    • Rob3869
      Well, before we go any further we hope that your health improves asap. Nothing worse than being banged up in the winter time. Please let me know once you make your final decision. This is my contact info: Robert cellular number: (717)728-6125 and my personal email is:
      Also, since my 12 your old son and I are as new as new can be to all of this for the hulls that need completion, etc do you think any of your buddies might be willing to complete your builds for us? Please let me know if you or your friends decides to sell your Missouri or New Jersey. Thank you and be well. Regards, Rob and son.
    • CURT
      I will certaintly let you know Rob. Thanks for the interest.
    • Mad_Modeller
      Wonderful ships sir. Hope today see's you in good health. Question sir do you have any photo's or a build thread for the Graf Spree.
    • CURT
      @Mad_Modeller Unfortunatly no just a very old construction photos of a Graf Spee build back in 86 . I have a Graf Spee but I have not worked on it yet . I have built 2 Lutxows and I think they are in my Albums under Lutzow and Deutschland and Lutzow 2 builds .
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