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  1. wfirebaugh
    the last I read it was un decided, if I had to Guess they are going to make locations vie to get her. I hope the new admin that is now in charge of her takes better care of her after the re-build...
  2. Anvil_x
    Hey, she's worth the wait. did they decide whether they were gonna put her in Galveston or back at San Jacinto yet? I hope it'll be in a dry chamber either way.
  3. wfirebaugh
    Send out the Divers, Start Refloat Recovery procedures.
  4. wfirebaugh
    Awesome, I'm From Texas my self I have always wanted to see the Texas, now I just have to wait for it to be rebuilt...
  5. Anvil_x
  6. wfirebaugh
    Is that the Texas?
  7. NASAAN101
    I can build a small case for it
  8. wfirebaugh
    @NASAAN101 Is it waterproof or how would you make it so?
  9. Selley
    Almost looks like the Iowa class from that angle
  10. tgalx3
    What material was used to construct the superstructure?