Drone meets Warship

Yamato is followed by an advanced UFO .

CURT, Jun 28, 2015
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    • CURT
      Best to view in 1080p60
    • CURT
      Did this yesterday. A Phantom Flyer Drone with a advanced camera mounted under the Drone hovered close over Yamato and flew around the model as it sailed around the lake. This is the first time either of us as operators encountered each other. The sun was directly overhead so the colors of the model was washed out. We will try again preferably on a cloudy day so that the detail can be seen better. The Drone fell from the sky and landed astern of Yamato very close. It quickly flew back out of the water and back to shore. The camera had the watery jitters. Film , camera and the Drone were dried out and recovered.
    • Rob3869
      @CURT wow, she is really fast and handles extremely well. That was a cool video!
    • Rob3869
      Great video!
    • CURT
      The fella here has a FB page called Drones on the Rock. I hope to do more this summer with the ships and his drones filming them.
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      At some point you are going to have to build an anti aircraft ship and ambush the stone once filming is completed!
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