NickMyers, Nov 17, 2014
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    • Iunnrais
      Bad things come in twos....
    • NickMyers
      Whose bad things and what bad things though? vanguards it looks to be?
    • Iunnrais
      Mine and Tim Beckett's Vanguard at MWCI Nats in 2013. (Mine has the Flag and black topmasts)
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    • Bob Pottle
      Wooden hulls or fiberglass from the mold I sold to Strike?
    • Iunnrais
      Wooden hulls
    • CURT
      What kind or type of Drive motor (s) are used in these Vanguards?
    • Iunnrais
      Great Planes T600 on the drives. Watercooled. Plain old traxxas gearboxes. Prop-shop 1.7" 4 blade kort props. Worked great.
    • CURT
      Are they powered on 6 or 12v battery power? I was impressed by their performance. Any mod to the rudder?
      Vanguard was one of those ships I thought I would build . The only other video I have of a Vanguard was on a old Skunkworks video and that one did not perform as well.
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    • Iunnrais
      @CURT 40ah of LiFe cells @ 6v. 6 sq in fishtail rudder (2" tall x 3" long). Thick profile. 1" at thickest point in the airfoil as well as at the trailing end
    • CURT
      Ahhh that explains the maneuverability. I saw the motors you were referring too. Very interesting. I may have to get a set. Too late now I have just reg 550s in Montana on a Traaxis Gear System. Battling like that how was your run time for endurance using those LiFe cells? I I take it the pump was a Stinger Motor?
    • Iunnrais
      Two pumps, the big 12t Titans (generally ran with a stern gun pinned). I only needed the 2nd pump once or twice. Run times were fine. I didn't have power issues running full battles at Nats. Never tried to push her to see how long I had. I was putting back around 22-25ah into the packs at night on average. Tim took more damage and used his 2nd pump more but I don't think he was having power issues either.
    • CURT
      Impressive. I saw this video many times now and you guys gave those Bismarck's a hard time. Seems to me that the onus is on having ships with 2 pumps now . I guess with the rate of fire so fast and so many ships in a furball one pump even a stinger type motor or other doesn't seem to cut it anymore.
    • Iunnrais
      yeah, check the scores from the bruhaha. ships coming out with 92 belows... The doubles from the Vanguards help when engaging a double pump ship since they tend to make larger holes (2 BBs plus the little section of balsa between the BBs). Add that with fast firing and good down angles....

      Still, we had to resheet on Wednesday. Not exactly the most fun way to spend the off time (patch for an hour after each battle, resheet during an event)
    • CURT
      Yeah. In 2010 my Bismarck was equipped with dual sidemounts a haymaker and a off center single stern gun. Very effective. I wish they had left Bis at 7 units. That seemed to give the ship the best option. 6.5 for that ship is awkward. Did the ship With the 90+ belows sink?
      Maybe there is a relay that can be installed to reduce the rate of fire. Seems the rapid fire and 2 pump scenario is just making it too hard to sink and then repair battle damage. 92 below is awesome but extreme particularly on a short tubby hull like the Bayern. Weve gone from just patching holes to resheeting often at events. That could be overwhelming after a few times.

      Good to see the Vanguards again. Well done.
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