Bismarck with new superstructure. Fresh from refit.

CURT, Dec 22, 2014
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    • CURT
      This is one of the coolest pictures ever.
    • CURT
      Wish I could use it for the photo contest but I took this one last year.
    • Scharnhorst56
      Nice shot of the bow! It literally looks like the real Bismarck, and I'm not just saying that. It's scarily realistic! The hills in the background could double as the mountains of Norway! The Bismarck was in Norway for a little while before Operation Reinübung.
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    • CURT
      Thanks. When I get Tirpitz done I will bring her to this same location and get a few pics. This picture in Particular seems to be the most favorite I took this with my smart phone.
    • Scharnhorst56
      Cool. It will be nice to see a model of the Tirpitz in a Norway-like landscape. You should paint her to make her look like her camouflage in 1944, before she was sunk by British Lancaster bombers! Now that would look interesting!
    • CURT
      I have that paint scheme for her and that is how Tirpitz will be painted.
    • Scharnhorst56
      Awesome! When will she be done?
    • CURT
      @Scharnhorst56 Probably not till next summer or fall of 2016. My wife's Viribus Unitis is next after Montana.
    • Scharnhorst56
      Cool. The Montana will look awesome, based on your other ships! It will be nice to see a model of the class that was canceled! when will the mighty Montana be completed?
    • CURT
      Ohh I don't know. I was hoping to have it already launched by now but so much going on now that keeps me from moving forward. Today hoping to complete the hull putty and sanding of putty work done today. Then it is on to attaching the decking styrene sheets to the hatches and I can then work on assembling the superstructure. The model is ready now for a waterline trim and float test . She needs to be ballast at 50 lbs. Her max weight is 51 so if she sits at 49 lbs and at the waterline either just below it or above or somewhere in between that will be fine. .I need to paint the Roma on the starboard side too and get her camoflauge repainted. .

      I was going to get out this morning but after a few days of 12 hr shifts I am beat and were looking after the inlaws dog and we have our own. Both Geriatric Dogs so they are constantly demanding of attention and they never leave you alone. Wife runs a at home Daycare and she has 4 infants here hence why I try to get to the shed because I can't build in the house with all of the distraction.

      This would have been a great day for sailing but the winds are fairly strong though. I hope to get Montana out maybe tomorrow or next week on my next days off. I still need to purchase a smoke generator and at some point get the lighting system installed and setup. The rotating system of the guns involve more time and work so they will be the last thing I do for the model however the model will be sailing long before then. Montana is perfect for my camera Go Pro attachements as nobody knows how much detail would have been on the model so that clears up a lot of space. The hull will allow for side placement attachements for selfie rods and camera to film the model. Montana selfies !
    • Scharnhorst56
      I notice that you have made both Allied and Axis ships. Do captains switch 'sides' a lot?
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    • Scharnhorst56
      Because about 5 years after the Scharnhorst is completed, I want to make the Anson and the Howe together. I don't like England, but those two KGV's are gorgeous!
    • CURT
      In RC Combat yes it does happen frequently. But most times the ship is flagged with a color flag to represent the fleet. So there would be a blue fleet vs a red fleet but each fleet would have a mix bag of warships of various countries or a mix of axis and allie ships but flying under the one color banner. Sometimes Captains like to mix things up. For example Some Captains like to switch to a North Carolina one battle and the next battle switch to a Nagato. Both ships are very similar in handling and size and bring to the table different styles of play. Both are fast and maneuverable. The best 2 ships in the hobby for combat.
    • CURT
      I thought about building a Scharnhorst. It is similar to Bismarck but narrower , shorter , lower freeboard and lots of superstructure. Twin Rudders give me the options of running 2 outer shafts or running all 3 or just run the center prop. The model is very maneuverable and has a handsome look to it. The History of the Sharnhorst makes it a very good Historical project to build. I may get one if I have space. I have a KGV hull and main and secondary turrets along with excellent plans to build the Duke Of York version of the KGV . It was the DOY that defeated the Scharnhorst so having that with a Scharnhorst is a good match for display and operating.
    • Scharnhorst56
      Awesome! Thanks for answering my question!
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    • Rob3869
      Beautiful shot!
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    • Rating:
      great shot, not only of the ship but the scenic view
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