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  1. Selley
    ESC packed up argggghhhh
  2. Beaver
    @wfirebaugh both
  3. wfirebaugh
    I am a dule citizen to GB and the US.
  4. Panzer
    Long live the King!!!
  5. wfirebaugh
    I'd say a real bullet magnet, or they wear in the thick of it.
  6. wfirebaugh
    Thats not the water, thas the rounds going through the water. Lol
  7. Admiral Where Did He Go?
    haha I didn't notice the second ship thought it was only one XD
  8. Admiral Where Did He Go?
    what type of batteries are you using?
  9. Admiral Where Did He Go?
    what are you setting that up for ? and do you prefer the wood ribs over the fiberglass?
  10. Selley
    Nice shape of the funnels it shows the true form of the Zboat