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  1. wfirebaugh
    First layer of fiberglass cloth.
  2. tgalx3
    What are these German gems?
  3. CURT
    @Jack Webster I would too . Better Radar and a Greater Broadside weight .
  4. CURT
    @wfirebaugh Thanks
  5. Jack Webster
    Imagine an alternate Pacific conflict scenario - Yamato vs Montana. 1 v 1. Human toll and horrors of naval warefare aside I would put money on Montana.
  6. CURT
    @Jack WebsterThe reddish deck area is actually body filler dust when I was sanding the Yamato.
  7. Jack Webster
    Look out skipper! That's The Moby Duck on the horizon!
  8. Jack Webster
    Wow! I have 2 words for this; exemplary and inspirational.
  9. CPD676
    A selfie stick for the Bismarck. Classic.
  10. CURT
    @Jack Webster Yamato. Yamamoto was the Fleet Admiral