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  1. Anvil_x
    Glory to LST-906
  2. Anvil_x
    you should get a tracksuit in this color pattern.
  3. JustinScott
    Very very good
  4. Panzer
    fantastic pic!
  5. Jack Webster
    If you are going to play, don't play around! Looks like serious contender.
  6. wfirebaugh
    First layer of fiberglass cloth.
  7. tgalx3
    What are these German gems?
  8. CURT
    @Jack Webster I would too . Better Radar and a Greater Broadside weight .
  9. CURT
    @wfirebaugh Thanks
  10. Jack Webster
    Imagine an alternate Pacific conflict scenario - Yamato vs Montana. 1 v 1. Human toll and horrors of naval warefare aside I would put money on Montana.