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  1. CURT
    @Nibbles1 I have a English style phone booth.
  2. Nibbles1
    Wow Curt I didn't know you could time travel!
  3. wfirebaugh
    @bsgkid117 viva La France! :D
  4. bsgkid117
    @wfirebaugh from farthest to closest, Jean Bart (myself) France (@Beaver ) Courbet (@Nomercy )
  5. wfirebaugh
    What is a lop sided fight, Yamato vs a what looks like a New York class BB
  6. wfirebaugh
    What ship is that?
  7. CURT
    @Anvil_x I think we were trialing the South Carolina .
  8. Anvil_x
    Oh. right. were you guys just screwing around, or did you take the glam-gear off after this shot and throw down?
  9. CURT
    @Anvil_x Lol no there is no little gap. All of the stern details such as the planes, catupults, rear ensign staff, AA fantail platform, lifeboats and the crane are all removable for clearance...
  10. Anvil_x
    Curt, how'd you fire the triple sterns through all of the aircraft and catapaults? is there a little gap in the glamour that lets the hate flow through?