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  1. Z Boat
    @wfirebaugh In WWCC subs and merchant ships are the only boats that can ram. Subs can be rammed.
  2. CURT
    CA Accellerant. Zap Kicker .
  3. Brandon Smith
    Is that spray adhesive?
  4. Iunnrais
    not too hard. Mine had the Flag, black masts and bridge windows. Plus our gun setups are opposites.
  5. Selley
    wow two vanguards how can you tell them apart?
  6. Selley
    Looking nice
  7. wfirebaugh
    I was looking at side profile charts for United States and Japanese ships, i didnt think to look at a British chart.
  8. Selley
    The ship is a country class cruiser Hms Dorsetshire, and is a ship of the Kent class, and played a roll in sinking the Bismarck, and sunk on 5 April 1942 with Hms Cornwall . I started construction...
  9. wfirebaugh
    I would gess some kind of destroyer or cruser pre 1920?
  10. Anvil_x
    what is it?