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  1. Nibbles1
    HmmMmmmmmmm......... How about XXXXXXXXXXXL That will be 4.5 million dollars please
  2. Nibbles1
    The captain giant penguin and executive officer giant penguin observe the water ahead of their ship from the searchlight platforms. Wait did I forget to mention they crushed the searchlights
  3. Nibbles1
    IS that... a giant hat???????
  4. Nibbles1
    The ship firing torpedos... I saw that at the WWCC
  5. Nibbles1
    and that my friends, is the Yamato showerhead BB 4000 Best showerhead ever
  6. wfirebaugh
    That is cool to know, what are they using to create the smoke?
  7. CURT
    @wfirebaugh Nothong in the rules says you can't lay down smoke . Or produce smoke from your own smokestacks .
  8. wfirebaugh
    Is that legal in the rules for fast or big guns?
  9. Selley
    the bb hitting the water looks like a mine exploding
  10. Julian Barbera