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  1. CURT
    @irnuke Close but no cigar! North Carolina (Double funnel)
  2. Beaver
    @irnuke The one on the top is the NC, IIRC.
  3. irnuke
    Now you're just showing off, Curt. Let's see how good my ship ID's are: From top to bottom... SoDak, Roma, Bismarck, Yamato, Iowa, Montana?
  4. CURT
    Well looking at this picture... the Nagato is back with the owner Tom Cromwell as I needed space for Montana. North Carolina was completed and now just needs minor paint touch-ups on the stern gun...
  5. NASAAN101
    wonder if that would work in a light cruiser :D
  6. CURT
    I have to update this pic this summer.
  7. Brian Furlotte
    Awesome shot! Who made the hull? That thing looks awesome.
  8. djranier
    Look on page 2 of the Missouri build, all the parts are listed.
  9. Captain obvious
    What belt did you use and where did you find the rudder pulley?
  10. CURT
    OOHHH a pretty and shiny cool rudder setup. I like this.