1-Unit Pump 2014-12-14

Pump for 550-size motor

  1. Tugboat
    This pump was designed for a standard 550-size brushed motor and will move about 1.7gpm at 6V. It can also be used with a Stinger or Titan motor, both of which move more water but burn more power. No pic of the impeller, but I recently updated the file to include a 5-blade impeller. Some filing of parts will be necessary, this is to provide a tight fit (and thus move more agua!).

    Printing: .2mm layer height, 1.0mm wall thickness (or more), 3 layers top and bottom, no support. Only use ABS or Nylon, PLA will warp in the heat and this will cause you to lose the services of the pump!

    **You may make this pump for yourself and friends at-cost, but it is NOT to be used for commercial purposes. Released under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.
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