.25 Pitch Compatible Sprockets 1.0

Collection of Sprockets for ServoCity .25 chain

  1. bsgkid117
    Included are 4 sprockets that are compatible with #25 ANSI chain, otherwise known as .25 chain. Plastic chain link can be purchased at servocity.com

    Useful for rudders.


    All designed to have a wheel collar glued into them for use on shafts.


    Designed to have an X servo horn glued/attached to it for use on a servo.

    My printer uses a 1.2mm nozzle, so you will need to play around with your own settings to print these. No supports required. They need to be relatively dimensionally accurate for the chain to move smoothly, so make sure your E-steps and extrusion multiplier are calibrated properly. Print as solid as possible, no infill should be needed.

    87806369_695093307955691_7648924205387350016_n.jpg IMG_20200226_140621.jpg IMG_20200226_143509.jpg