3-D Printed barrel Assembly 2019-11-04

All of the bends with none of the bending

  1. BigGunJeff
    We've been looking for a way to create the bends in Big Gun Canon barrels that is easy to teach and share. I think if you are able to form bends by yourself, that may be a better option. But if you can't, this could be an option.

    What this creates:
    Any number of 1/4" Barrels with 0.8" barrel spacing. Bend is created by the 3-D Printed Parts.

    How do you assemble:

    1. Print out the parts. You need 1 ea Barrel Curve A and Barrel Curve B for each barrel. Also print out the drilling Jig

    2. Cut the barrel length and riser length that you want from the aluminum tubing and deburr the ends.

    3. Press the drill bushings into the drilling jig and drill the slots in the barrels and risers.

    4. Assemble the parts as shown in the pictures. The slots that you drill are pinned in place by the screws.

    What you need:

    Drill bushings (2X): McMasterCarr.com P/N 8491A075

    Drill Bit (1X): McMasterCarr.com P/N 30585A8

    Barrel Tubing: McMasterCarr.com P/N 89965K347 (0.259" ID)
    or McMasterCarr.com P/N 89965K22 (0.277" ID)

    Screws (10X): McMasterCarr.com P/N 91772A127 (for tripple turret... Longer or shorter screws for other number of barrels)

    Nuts (10X): McMasterCarr.com P/N 91841A005

    Disclaimer: This design is untested, and I can't ensure that it is safe for general use. The builder assumes all responsibility for what they create. Be Safe!

    2019-11-01 08.25.29.jpg 2019-11-01 08.26.06.jpg 2019-11-01 08.26.25.jpg 2019-11-01 08.32.24.jpg 2019-11-01 08.32.58.jpg 2019-11-01 08.33.02.jpg 2019-11-04 16.41.36.jpg 2019-11-04 16.41.43.jpg