3-D Printed Torpedo Gun V2 with STLs

A simple Torp. Gun that anyone can build

  1. BigGunJeff
    The Western Warship Combat Club has been working on creating a class of armed ships that are easy to build and run. We settled on the HMS Kent because it is a good size, reasonably maneuverable, and we can arm her with the simplest form of armament for Big Gun Combat, Torpedo Guns! We are working on making 6-8 of these ships for the Maker Faire event in October. I sure hope we make it!

    Anyway, attached is a description of the torpedo gun that will be used in them if we continue to have success with this design. So far things are looking good. The great thing about this design is that the accumulator / valve system would work well for rotating guns as well. More on that later once we complete the club Kents.

    If you're interested in these guns, please let me know. I'd like to share the print files and create a step-by-step build instruction as a next step if interest is there. Also, I would be open to printing the parts kit and tooling for a nominal cost if you don't have access to a printer. 2015-06-25 09.03.19.jpg 2015-06-25 09.03.34.jpg 2015-06-25 09.03.40.jpg 2015-06-25 09.45.19.jpg
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