Arado 196 1.2

German float plane

  1. rcengr
    Here's an Arado 196 for those German WWII ships that need more bling.
    Arado 1.jpg

    I printed one prototype at 0.25mm and one at 0.15mm layers. Either setting will work, but the 0.15mm is nicer. The float struts did come out better with the 0.25mm setting so I recommend printing the wing at this setting. Both the floats and the fuselage need support to print.
    Arado 2.jpg

    Assemble the wings first. Using a piece of tape to join the wings, move the wings together until the middle struts touch and then glue together. This will put the right amount of dihedral in the wing. Once joined, the wing can be attached to floats, with the struts lining up with the two cross members. Assemble the tail and prop to the fuselage next. Finally, glue the fuselage to the wings - the back of the canopy and the back of the wing line up when it is in the right position.
    Arado wing.jpg

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