BC Triple Solenoid Mount 2017-03-30

Low CG Mounting solution for the Battler's Connection Solenoids

  1. pigeonfarmboy
    I designed this part for my Lutzow triple sterns using the BC Solenoids. I wanted to be able to remove each individual solenoid should troubleshooting be needed while mounting them as low as possible. Friction fit is snug not allowing the solenoids to fall out. Please let me know if there are any fit issues or need for custom fit.

    **Be sure to download and print 3 of the mounting plates that bolt up to the solenoids

    Triple Mount Dimensions:
    113.25mm x 13.54mm x 38.3mm


    1. 33584955652_ba2bec5498_b.jpg
    2. 33585052232_1ddbf03f7e_b.jpg
    3. 33702056036_49dda48145_b.jpg
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