Compact Mount For Poppits, Servos and Bilge Pump AIO 2019-01-09

mount for 2 poppits, 2 servos and bilge pump

  1. pipi135
    This is the compact poppit, servo and bilge pump mount I made for my Duca. Although my first battle didn't go as planned..... this mount seems to work pretty well so far.

    The servos that are confirmed to fit are the Traxxas 2080 waterproof servos and Hobbyking HK15148B servos (NOT waterproof).
    This is made to hold the Large bilge pump(baby blue one) from battlers connection. Held in place with rubber bands.

    You will need to drill small holes for the servo screws. make sure the screws aren't too long as the one on the wire side of the servo mounts can hit the wires

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  1. BigGunJeff
    Version: 2019-01-09
    Great design!