DKM Scharnhorst Superstructure and Details 2018-09-13

Scharnhorst superstructure

  1. pipi135
    The superstructure and details for the DKM Scharnhorst.

    I found a full size model of the ship in the Sketchup 3d warehouse so i scaled it to size and sectioned the main parts. I also made a bunch of changes so everything could be "easily" printed.
    The main structure is keyed to fit together but may require a little sanding.

    I don't know all the exact names for each detail so I labeled them in the screen shot to match the file names.
    There are still some details I am working on and will add them when finished.

    This takes a ton of filament and time but looks great when together!

    Heres the Thingiverse link to also veiw/download the files:


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  1. dms4641
    Version: 2018-09-13
    Great Superstructure Prints great with large printer