Duca D'Aosta Superstructure Super with float system

3d printable Duca Superstructure

  1. pipi135
    Most of the superstructure for the Strike Models Duca hull. I used a couple 2d plans as well as this 3d model from World of Warships game to design these parts.

    8 Parts(so far). A 200mm x 200mm print bed is required.
    You may need to trim a little length off the lower sections (approx 1mm) but that's easy to do on the thin sections.
    The holes are for alignment dowels. you'll likely need to drill those out to the size of dowel you get.

    I tried keeping the details to a minimum but plan to design some of them later on and glue them on.

    link to files on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3097910

    Duca 1.png Duca 2.png Duca 3.jpg Duca 4.jpg