Duca D'Aosta Superstructure Super with float system

3d printable Duca Superstructure

  1. Float system & small fixes


    It's been a while since I've made these changes but ill try to list them

    -Part Id:
    -SS-L1-1 V2: Added a hole to run the bilge pump outlet up through the smoke stack.
    -SS-L2-1 V2: Same as above ^^^
    -SS-L2-2 V2: Integrated a recovery float system hidden in the other smoke stack. I used a thread bobbin with a metal rod through the small holes. A thin fishing bobber will fit with some trimming.

    There are some other smaller changes but i don't remember what they were exactly.
    SS-L1-1 V2.PNG SS-L2-1 V2.PNG SS-L2-2 V2.PNG
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