French WWII boats 1.1

A set of 8 small boats from French warships

  1. rcengr
    This is a set of 5 French lifeboats from the WWII era. Yes, they are from French drawings, but if someone asks you don't have to admit it.:)

    The set includes two 13 meter boats, one with a central engine case and one with just benches. Next is an enclosed 11 meter boat, followed by a 5 meter rowboat and 3.3 meter punt.
    French lifeboats.jpg

    My CAD skills are improving, so these are a little more detailed and a little more delicate compared to my previous boats. So they look nicer, but may not stand up to BB fire as well as before. The sides of the bigger boats are 1.2mm, so just 3 passes with a 0.4mm nozzle. The two smallest have just 0.8mm sides. In fact for all the open boats, I found it best just to set perimeters to 1 and use a high infill percent.

    I'm getting tired of my boats getting shot clean off my ships, so each these include a cradle to give more glue area. The cradles, like the pour pads at the ends, are separate shells. So you can split the STL in the slicer and delete the cradles if you don't want them.

    No support is needed to print any of these boats. Some other recommended print settings:
    11m enclosed: 0.25mm layers up to 11mm, then 0.1mm after that to keep the deck relatively smooth but not take forever to print.
    13m boats: 1 perimeter, 0.25mm layers
    5m rowboat: 1 perimeter, 0.25mm layers - I tried 0.1mm layers and the benches didn't bridge well.
    3.3m punt: 1 perimeter, 0.1mm layers.