Grumman J2F Duck 1.0

A 144 model of the venerable Duck

  1. rcengr
    The J2F is neither a carrier plane or a catapult plane, so it is just a different, dare I say it, duck. The only place it really fits in our hobby is bling on a seaplane tender. I have a Battlestations seaplane tender made from a C-3 hull and I really like the Duck, so I drew one up. The painted model is the 96 scale version while the grey version is the 144 scale. If you print one just as a display, I recommend the larger size.
    Printing: No support needed. Print layer thickness should be 0.15mm, or 0.1mm if your printer can manage it. Print all the parts and glue them together. Note that for the 144 version, the optional landing gear is probably too weak to use. Instead just insert the wheel in the wheel well for a retracted look as shown above.
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