HMS Malaya Superstructure 1.0

Superstructure for Malaya/Barham WW2

  1. bsgkid117
    Basic superstructure for HMS Malaya/Barham for WW2. This is the QE variant with trunked funnel, aircraft hangar, but retaining all casemates and tripod mast.

    Tripod is sized for easy assembly using 1x 1/4 dowel and 2x 3/16 dowels. Leftover dowel is to be used for the "in-between" height deck located between the forward tower and hangar structure.

    Turrets and barbettes included, if you don't like the gun mounts in the turrets feel free to draw up your own barbettes. Shouldn't be difficult.

    To "finish" the SS, you can use @bkoehler 's wonderful pom poms and cranes. The SS is sized for them. Also included is a basic dual 4" gun.

    HMS Malaya v6.png



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