How to work with downloaded ship models in Fusion 360 2019-12-29

Makes the foundation for a 3-D printed ship

  1. BigGunJeff
    Just like it sounds... This method is how I go from a downloaded ship model to designing the entire ship for 3D printing. This is just the start, and does the heavy lifting of getting a hull into Fusion so that it can be edited and prepared for printing. From there, you can hollow out the hull, cut windows, create mounts for all of your components and the rest.

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  1. Julian Barbera
    Julian Barbera
    Version: 2019-12-29
    What can I say but WOW! I think we’re going to start see a lot more printed ships on the water!
    1. BigGunJeff
      Author's Response
      Thanks Julian. i hope you give this a try on your Omaha!