IJN Utility Boats 1.0

At set of three different Japanese WWII boats

  1. rcengr
    This is a set of three IJN utility boats. There is an 11m motor boat (top), a 12m covered motor launch (center), and a 9m cutter (right).

    These boats have pads at the bow and stern to prevent them from lifting during printing. The pads are actually separate shells, so you can remove them in the slicer if you don't want to use them. In Slic3r, select "split" and it will break the .stl into 3 pieces. Then delete the pads and print the boats with a brim or setting of your choice. The pads are 0.5mm thick, so they are set up for my default of 0.25mm first layer and 0.25mm for remaining layers. I do change the layer height on the top of the boats to 0.1mm so the curved gunwales and deckhouse look nicer. You may want to use support, since the bottoms have some pretty flat spots. It does print without support if you don't mind a few strings on the bottom.
    IJN utility boats.jpg
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