Iron Duke Superstructure 1.0

Files to 3d print superstructure for Iron Duke class ships

  1. bsgkid117
    Files for turrets, barbettes, and superstructure to build any of the Iron Duke class battleships. I call these files "video game" accurate. They're reasonably close to scale, but are not designed for super scale modeling.

    Tripod is designed for 1/4 and 3/16" rods, either metal or wooden dowels. Barbettes and turrets are sized for 1/4" x 1/8" disc magnets for hold downs. Barbette is designed to fit inside of a 2.25" hole made by a holesaw. Turrets are designed for a 1/4" dowel for dummy gun barrel.

    Bow SS 01 level is designed for 1/8 rod to be used in the aft-facing casemate position if so desired to simulate a gun barrel.

    Stern SS has 5 variants, one that has no text and then 4 others. The 4 each have one of the class member's names modeled into the stern SS for some fun personalization if desired.

    The superstructure is compatible with either the supplied 3d printed funnel files, or can be used with the Battler's Connection foamy funnels however you need 2 of the "tall" funnels instead of 1 short/1 tall. If you are handy at editing models you could adjust the front funnel mount to use the BC funnel set as-is.

    Capture1.PNG Capture2.PNG

    Your printer settings/calibration will determine how easy this fits together and how well magnets/etc fit in their designated holes. Everything is slightly oversized for tolerance but you will want to make sure your extruder e-steps are calibrated and your flow rate has been tuned if you want it to be perfect. If it's not perfect, you can easily ream out the holes with appropriately sized drill bits.

    Pieces that are hollow/have no top or bottom, are designed to be printed with the open side facing up. Except for Bow SS 02 which is designed to be printed in the correct orientation (as would be on the ship) with supports.

    My print settings:

    Zyltech White ABS 5kg spools
    260c first layer/250c all others
    110 bed first layer/100 all others
    120F heated build chamber
    .32 layer height (.4 nozzle)
    2.4mm walls (6 perimeters)
    1.92mm top/bottom (6 layers)
    Supports only touching build plate
    10% infill cubic
    6mm brim

    Good luck and happy printing.
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