Le Terrible 1.0

Superstructure for the French Le Terrible class destroyer

  1. rcengr
    A complete superstructure for a Le Terrible class destroyer.
    Le Terrible.JPG
    Le t.jpg
    This is based on an early superstructure, approximately 1934. The superstructure in the 1940s had considerably more AA and more complexity. I used the earlier version to keep the weight down. Even so, mine weighed in at 4 ounces. That doesn't sound like much, but it is 1/12 of a 3 pound ship. To keep it light solid pieces are printed with 2 perimeters and 10% infill. The hollowed out pieces are only 1/16" thick so your infill settings are not important on those. Such a light superstructure will of course not stop a BB. I did find they tended to split the parts rather than breaking them.

    Here is a side that was hit 5-6 times over the weekend. It was repaired in the field with a acetone and an acid brush.
    side damage.JPG
    The solid pieces didn't hold up quite as well.

    I used my forward superstructure as my float. There is an optional mount plate that you can use to do the same.

    My gun is mounted under the aft superstructure, which is held on by another optional mount piece.
    aft gun mount.JPG