Parallax Eliminator 1.0

Speed pole accessory

  1. rcengr
    This is a little accessory to put on your poles used to measure speed. It helps eliminate the parallax error from using just one pole at each end of your speed trap. You can always use 4 poles for the most accuracy, but all that measuring and triangulation is tedious.

    This accessory clamps on to a pole and gives you parallel poles to sight down at your ship.

    speed 1.jpg speed 2.jpg

    This device takes advantage of the 3D printer's capability to make precise 90 degree angles. There is one set of holes you use to set up the poles. Site down to the first pole and align with the second speed pole.

    Speed setup.jpg
    Once they are lined up, tighten up the set screws on the pole and then move the reference post to the other location. Now just sight down the poles to determine when to start and stop the stopwatch.

    speed use.png
    This uses 6-32 hardware. 8 nuts and 8 screws of approximately 1" are needed. It will fit up to a 5/8" pole. The reference poles were bent from 1/8" rod.