Pinch Valve 0.4

A simple, servo actuated, gun valve to replace poppets

  1. rcengr
    Warning, this is a work in progress. Testing is ongoing and changes may be made.

    This pinch valve is designed as a lightweight valve for use in destroyers and other small ships. It works by pinching the 1/16" line to gun directly. Initial testing shows that it seals well and also flows better than a MAV-2 poppet valve.

    The valve uses a HS-82mg. This small servo runs about $20 and saves significant weight over a full size servo. The valve seems to insensitive to the throw of the servo arm... that makes it unlikely that you will break gears if it is set up wrong.

    I printed the valve with support, so that the space under the arm is maintained. It may print without support, I just haven't tried it. The two pieces are glued together with acetone to produce the valve assembly.

    Valve open.
    Open valve.jpg

    Valve closed.
    closed valve.jpg

    Since this is a work in progress, if you do test the valve I would appreciate feedback. Good or bad. I'll make changes and post updates if improvements are suggested.