Provence (French) 1U sidemount 2018-11-12

Provence Sidemount

  1. GregMcFadden
    1U cannon for french BB's and misc hardware. Suggest min 4 layers and 85% fill. was made originally with 3D850. Use common sense as I have no control over your printer or your ability to use it.

    SOLENOID USE REQUIRED. 1/4" OD LINE REQUIRED. Modicum of competency when printing REQUIRED. Pipe tape or EEEEEEE600000 required at piston plug to seal it completely. You have to know how to get the best overhangs you can out of it, as there are a few spots that are unvaoidable. Generally prints well enough for me, your results may vary. I make extra of the threaded bits and use the first one to clean out the threads for the second one.

    This is the first released generation and I plan to update it after I get feedback from others. Will be posted in resources as soon as upload completes

Recent Reviews

  1. Xanthar
    Version: 2018-11-12
    Nice job fitting that all into such a small space!