1/144 R.M.S. St Claire 2019-10-10

A Fully 3-D Printed Ship

  1. BigGunJeff
    This is a nice little ship that I've made a few copies of. She is almost fully 3-D printed, with the majority of parts being printed on a standard FFF type printer, and some smaller or more detailed parts (including the prop and rudder) being printed on a SLA printer. Everything else is easy to purchase and I've identified everything needed with a Bill of Materials.

    So far she's proven to the a tough little ship in WWCC battles, with good maneuverability and excellent survivability due to her efficient brushless pump and integral water channeling. She also goes together quickly because mounting features are provided for just about everything.

    Have fun!

    Big Gun Jeff
    St Claire.JPG St Claire2.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jayden
    Version: 2019-10-10
    Great ship, perfect for target test, holding camera or just playing around with
  2. Selley
    Version: 2019-10-10
    Very Nicely done, you are the best at Cad
  3. Nibbles1
    Version: 2019-10-10
    Wow it was a great starter ship and will get me battling at the next battle
  4. Xanthar
    Version: 2019-10-10
    Nicely done!