Servo Mounts/Rudder Posts 1

Mount for standard size servos and rudder posts

  1. bsgkid117
    Attached are 3 variants of a single simple design. Its a rudder servo mount + rudder post, designed to be used with my rudder gears. One is set for a single rudder, one is set for dual rudders, and the final is dual rudders with a 2.5" idler gear to space the rudder servo closer farther into the boat for ships with shallow sterns.

    I print with ABS, 2mm walls 20% infill. I can't account for every hull shape, these mounts are designed for you to print them and then sand to shape. Servo mounting uses the heatset inserts described in the rudder gear resource post.

    Dual.JPG Dual+Idler.JPG Single.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. bkoehler
    Version: 1
    Thanks to Will for supplying one to help our new captain. Fastest and easiest rudder installation ever!
  2. Gettysburg114th
    Version: 1
    Outstanding file. Prints very nice!