SMS Deutschland Full Ship 0.1

Beta SMS Deutschland Full Ship, rudder, sprockets, Super, Pump

  1. GregMcFadden
    SMS Deutschland 3dp files for the ship, pump, an absurdly silly rudder, two different superstructure approaches. Various little parts are needed (6-32 heat stake inserts, little mount points customized to your hardware, pump restrictor, etc)

    Many parts have bits of excess material in an attempt to improve print quality. these bits must be removed before sheeting.

    Casemates are separate from the rest of the hull, and are intended to be installed on top of sheeting at the correct locations. this greatly reduces the sheeting difficulty. Thanks Kotori87 for the concept/idea. I think it is sound.

    As it is a beta, files are provided in parasolid, so you can more easily split/combine/ modify to suit your printer. All prints done in ABS, ship is intended to be solvent welded together using either acetone or ABS pipe cement.

    For more information on the hull, see here:

    Big shout out to Nick for the superstructure, this was a combined effort between myself (the hull) and nick (the superstructure)

    License Terms below and included in the zip file.

    SMS Deutschland Combat Model © 2022 by Greg McFadden & Nick Myers is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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