Tank Neck Support 2019-01-25

CO2 tank neck support

  1. pipi135
    3 piece tank brace/support that lays flat for boats that have limited space.

    Would be very hard to load the bottle and screw it into the regulator in my Duca if the neck support was solid.

    I used metal coat hanger for the hinge. i ground down a screw to hold in the hinge pin but a dab of hot glue should work fine. Note: hinge pin hole does not go all the way through.
    Use whatever screw you have that fits in the othe holes for the arm. you'll likely need to drill the holes to fit and file the latching end.
    A doubled up rubber band holds the tank.

    If you have any design changes you suggest let me know.

    bottle support 1.png bottle support 2.jpg bottle support 3.jpg bottle support 4.jpg
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