US dual 5" mount - mk28 1.0

Ever popular US secondary, the dual 5" was present on a large number of US WW2 vessels

  1. NickMyers
    I modeled these based on available plans and photos. Some items are cheated a bit and others are outright ignored.
    5-32-r1.PNG 5-32-r1b.PNG
    STL contains the gun housing and a barbette designed to fit into the bottom of the housing. If your zero isn't great or you tend to elephant foot your lower layers you'll need to do a little cleanup for the fit.

    Holes for barrels are pre-located and sized to 1.75mm, angled for 30 degrees above the horizon. You can bore them out after printing slightly to accept 1/16" rod stock

    3 versions contained within. All are 1/144 scale
    US-dual5-38-144scale all the bits.
    US-dual5-38-no-captain-shield has no captains shield
    US-dual5-38-simple has no captain's shield and no backside detail items

    You can print these without support if you don't mind a small amount of disfigurement on the bottoms of the side projecting sights.

    I am making these files available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License


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    Version: 1.0
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