USS Wasp CV-7 Superstructure 1.2

3d print files for USS Wasp island superstructure

  1. bsgkid117
    Files to print island superstructure for USS Wasp CV-7.

    As per all my superstructure uploads, quality is medium-low video game quality. It gets the job done for our hobby, and will look pretty next to a blocky boat made out of foam floor mats. Not museum quality.

    I sized the gun tubs fore and aft to match @rcengr 's 40mm quads from his Baltimore superstructure. Now, Wasp didn't have quad 40's, she had the infamous 1.1" guns. But when they're the size of a quarter, it gets the point across.

    Tripod is sized for 3/16 dowels, fore and aft 5" directors are sized for 1/4" dowels. You can use the directors out of the same Baltimore superstructure, Rcengr's quality level on those parts is far better than I could reproduce easily. All credit for the directors and 40's goes to him.

    Pictures of assembled superstructure will be added once mine is done printing.

    Wasp SS.PNG
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