2016 Season Kickoff

Discussion in 'Pacific Model Warship Club' started by Gary Powell, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Apr 1, 2015
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    Yesterday we held our first combat event of the 2016 season in Lincoln California (about 30 miles north of Sacramento). We had 4 new ships hit the water; the German ZH1 and another Z Boat, the USS Gearing and USS Shannon.
    DKM ZH1- Captured Dutch destroyer that the Germans completed (or attempted to complete after capture) during WWII).
    USS Gearing- Name ship of the late war US destroyers that served many years after the war and for several different navies.
    David's new DKM Z-39.

    Being an allied captain, my feeling is "Not another one of these damn things". The club now has 4 captains running this class of ship. Hopefully the 3 new USS Gearings and 1 new Allen M Sumner Class ship will be able to hold their own against these evil axis ships.

    Oh stupid me forgot to get a picture of my own new ship the USS Shannon. Maybe next event.

    We also had the new USS Gearing take on the pocket battleship DKM Lutzow 1 v 1 and he didn't sink! That's a 3 gun 3/16" caliber gunned destroyer against a 6 gun 1/4" caliber gunned cruiser.

    Next event is April 23. For more information, just drop me a message.