27 Aug 16 Event Recap

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    Apr 1, 2015
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    Pacific Model Warship Club in Sunny and Hot Northern California, held another event today. We had a decent attendance with nearly 40 ships in attendance, but only 18 made it into combat.

    We started the day with our first Wacky and Wild Convoy Challenge or "WWCC Event" for short. Each team had 4 convoy vessels, with the game having no time limit in order to sink the opposing teams entire convoy. For this one the allies came out victorious! While 8 total convoy vessels made it into the game, four others were held in reserve and did not participate.

    We then spent the rest of the day just shooting the s*** out of each other, with the sorties being split between the allied and axis teams.

    We had two new ships in attendance, the USS Fury (oh dopey me forgot to take a picture), which is an American Flower Class Corvette. It played for the first time last month in Oregon with the Queen's Own group and today it was shooting and running very well for just it's second time out. The other new ship today is one that those that play World of Warships will recognize. It is none other that the Russian Novik. IMG_4897.JPG
    This was the first time the ship had hit the water and the guns were not completely installed yet. Ship is going to be hard to hit, doing a 180 turn on less than a dime.