A visit with the boys (and their better half's)

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    I would like to thank the IRC and GLAS for the warm hospitality extended to me on Sunday. It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones in the hobby. I was very impressed with how orderly and organized the ship testing was today! In the past it's usually been a cluster-fox-trot but you all pulled it off. Cudos to you all! Thanks to the captains who let me pilot their ships for a few minutes (Chris and please forgive my forgetting your name!!). I appreciate all your kind words and sharing some information that would make my life easier and that I could pass on to the guys in my group.

    They say never say never...but today has me thinking.

    Have a great Nats and a safe drive home.

    Again, thanks all!

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    It was so great to meet you and learn more about the history of the hobby through the stories. I hope to see ya pond side one day!
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