Assembling 8.8cm guns

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    This applies to both the shielded and unshielded mounts
    These 8.8s are designed for a 1/16" OD barrel. However, you can use a section of provided filament for the barrel. To do this you will have to either drill out the barrel location with a larger diameter bit or use a drill to drive your piece of filament in. Pictures that follow depict this process.


    Whether you intend to use a true 1/16" OD barrel or a section of filament you will need to first clean up the bore of the 88. So grab your appropriately sized drill bit, drill, and carefully bore out the breech.

    Chuck up the barrel and at speed put it to the bore and apply gentle pressure. The filament will begin to slide in. If your bore is too small or you push too hard you may slightly crack the bore. No biggie, that is what the acetone at the end is for.


    Now brush the thing with acetone or dip it in some and then allow to dry.

    The unshielded 88s are exactly the same, they just don't have the shield on the front with its delicate connection to the base to break.
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