Austerity RC Combat (currency savings are the rule)

Discussion in 'General' started by Astrosaint, Apr 22, 2013.

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    The motors will all be from the same box of surplus motors, I think. I'm testing with a little one I have in the shop, with throttle control being a MAG throttle. Hoping for room for a pump, which means I must get the verdammt 3D printer setup finished. Still trying to find a spare computer to run the software in the spare bedroom where the printer is. But the plan is that I will gin up some small pumps that go with small surplus motors and print them for the class. Basically micro pumps.

    The topside details will be up to the students. I'm doing Salamis as a DD, but they can decorate it as a CV, CG, etc...
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    When I saw the USS Salamis, the firswt thought through my mind was:

    A. Kids can practice measuring rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and other shapes to work out volume and surface area (middle Schooler's geometry)

    B. There is not warps on a hull like this.

    C. Leakages, a small issue for craft stick ships, go away on USS Salamis.

    D. The pre-teen mind is pulled away from the world of video gaming and into getting their hands dirty.

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    If you use something that draws less than 3A at stall, the Vex Robotics motor controller, with some waterproofing, would be an incredibly simple solution for $10. For a ship that small, a 500TB (the High torque Tamiya Solor Motor illustrated here: but cheaper on the surplus market for a buck or so.) or some of the smaller motors that draw less than 1A should be sufficient.
    Just a couple of thoughts.