Banned from MWC? Really?

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    As many of you know, I recently put out a plea to save the MWC. That was in response to rumors I was hearing that the MWC president was looking for ways to remove me from the club and I was fed up with the rumors and whispers. MWC has only removed one person in the past, and that was for theft. On Sunday, I received the complaint that Chris Pearce and Brian Elliassen are bringing. You can read it here:
    My response can be found here:
    There are members of the BOD who believe in sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for others. Unfortunatly, I do not see that refelected in the complaint above. If you feel as I do that this club is worth saving and that cynical bylaw changes and the railroading of members only harms MWC, then please make your voices heard. If you don't think this will affect you, I assure you you're mistaken. They are setting precedent that can have linger effects.
    In addition, I've requested that the BOD in general and Brian Elliassen in particular provide a public apology for the following statements sent to me by the MWC Treasurer who was acting in his official capacity. Also that action be brought against him for abuse of his office.
    "Please help me understand exactly which time are you lying and which time you are telling the truth. If you have seriously changed your mind, please fill out the form I have sent you using black or blue ink. Please be sure to have your signature notarized as I want to make sure that you are actually signing it as you've stated that you cannot in good conscience sign it."
    I do not lie. Brian is hiding behind his keyboard. No one would say that to my face.
    "There is nothing wrong with the MWC Membership Application Form I received on May 17th of this year. It did appear to be properly filled out. However, at that point I no longer had your check and as I mentioned previously, I will need a notary to sign off on your signature so I'm afraid an electronic copy is simply out of the question at this point. "
    Some members of the BOD cynically convinced others that reducing the grace period for renewal from 3 years to 30 days made sense. This was an obvious attempt to prevent me from renewing if the vote to expel me fails. However, Brian received both my check and two seperate renewal forms from me prior to that bylaw change. I am a current member of MWC. Brian's inabilty to fulfill his duties as assigned not withstanding.
    "As for spreading that rumor, I've been careful to keep these conversations within the BOD rather than spreading them out as you have done (hello guys!) so that's something you should consider as well. I'm sure the BOD will."
    After 15 years, Brian should know better than to give me veiled threats. His bullying has had him banned from the MWC email before in 2003. This behavior is much more egregious.
    I believe it unlikely that I will survive the vote. The BOD has worked dilligently to stack the deck against me. That's not important though. What IS important is that the membership recognize what is going on and TRY to save their club. Demand that those who are behaving this way step down. Elect members who believe in the ideals of MWC. I love this club. I won't be going anywhere.
    Thank you for your time,
    Bryan Finster