Battle at Mings Moat 1 - 5/19/2017

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    Battle at the Moat, CO2 and food will be provided for all combatants (small Fee).

    Plenty of room to camp out, or bring air mattress and sleeping bag and sleep in the bunk room.
    Shop is available for repairs and plenty of space for the fleet to lay up for the night

    Friday: Battle in Morning at 10 Am and Afternoon at 2 PM

    Saturday: 10 AM and 2 PM

    Sunday: 10 AM.

    IRCWCC and NAMBA membership is required for combatants.

    Please bring warm weather gear (it is the Catskills you know).

    Bring sleeping bag and air mattress and a towel.

    Bring pop up tents for shade and table and chair for the shop and lakeside.

    Grilled burgers and Hot dogs for lunch, washed down with Gatorade.

    Friday dinner will be BBQ Jerk Chicken (a special talent, and qualification), Corn on the cob with Mac and Cheese.

    Saturday’s dinner will be something fantastic and wonderful and truly awesome.

    Come Battle in the Moat!