Big-gun invited to the 3-day event in Xenia, Ohio Sept 7-9

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    Apr 8, 2007
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    The big-gunners are invited to the 3-day multi-format event being held in Xenia, Ohio on Sept 7-9.
    The plan is to devide the battle site during the sorties of one of the other formats in order to make room
    for a third format.
    It is possible that at some point during the event, the Battlestations, and Big-gun folks could possibly battle together
    if they decide to give that a try.
    The address for the event is.
    1880 Turner Rd. Xenia, Ohio. 45385
    Namba is required. We will have one-time forms on-hand.
    Please let us know if you plan to attend, so that we can keep track of the frequencies.