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    Do you find yourself frequently hunting down the same thread? Do you think 'gee, I would love to have a handy and accessible way to keep track of threads that doesn't involve the Bookmark feature in my browser? Well, have I ever got the thing for you!

    First, bookmarks can be either public or private. Private bookmarks are only viewable by you, as are any notes you make when you make them. Public bookmarks can be viewed on your profile (handy for telling people 'Hey go look at my bookmarks')

    Bookmarking a post: In the lower right of a post, next to the 'Like' link, there is now a 'Bookmark' link
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.58.15.png
    Clicking it brings up this dialogue, which allows you to specify a note for your bookmark, a tag, privacy settings, and whether or not it is a quicklink item (more later on this). If you have previously tagged bookmarks, the dropbox for 'Tags' contains a list of those and you can pick from them.
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.59.09.png
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.58.34.png

    Once you've created some bookmarks, you can access them (and manage them) via you account information, or the 'Bookmarks' menu in the upper right.
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.57.46.png Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.57.44.png
    You may have noted that the bookmarks menu in the example here is saying something about QuickLinks. If you had selected your bookmark to be a 'quick link' bookmark, it will appear in this menu, readily accessible to you.
    The text 'Bookmarks' in bold there will also take you to the 'Your bookmarks' page below.
    Here is where you can quickly manage your bookmarks.
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 23.00.04.png
    You can select the drop menu in the upper right to filter the displayed items
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.59.33.png
    You can easily change a bookmark from public to private or from private to public simply by clicking the associated Private/Public button by the bookmark
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 22.59.59.png
    If you have public bookmarks, your member card will show the count:
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 23.00.24.png
    And your member info page will show the public bookmarks you have
    Screenshot 2015-10-04 23.00.34.png

    As always, please let me know if you have questions or experience any problems.
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    sweet. Nice job!
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    This is great. Already making use of it!
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